Former Intern


Former Intern, NTI

Catherine Hodgson is an intern with NTI’s Nuclear Materials Security Program. In this role, she supports the team in reducing the risk of nuclear proliferation. NMS facilitates innovative approaches to securing nuclear materials, identifies practical monitoring and verification mechanisms, and evaluates implementation through the NTI Nuclear Security Index.

Hodgson is a Master of Science in Foreign Service candidate at Georgetown University. She is pursuing a concentration in Global Politics and Security with a focus on Russia and the former Soviet Union. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from New York University with majors in Economics and Politics and minors in Russian & Slavic Studies and History. She previously interned with the Foreign Policy Research Institute tracking security and integration challenges in the Baltics, the Institute for the Study of War on the Russia portfolio, and the U.S. Department of State in the Office of Euro-Atlantic Security Affairs, Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Bureau. She is interested in continuing to explore the threat posed by hybrid conflict, nuclear proliferation, and security dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe.


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