Intern, Materials Risk Management


Madeline Berzak is a senior at American University studying Political Science and History with a focus on the Cold War. In her time at American and working in Congress, Madeline has explored many policy areas including environmental policy, energy security, peace and conflict resolution, and arms control. In 2020, she traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina to study the bosnian genocide, where she learned more about peacebuilding and sustainable conflict resolution. Combined with coursework on the history of nuclear weapons, she recognized the importance of nuclear security issues and finding sustainable solutions. In the Spring of 2020, she wrote an independent study on Generation-Z and their perception of nuclear weapons threats. She analyzed why members of Generation-Z don’t understand nuclear weapons, and attributed their careless attitude to nuclear normality, dark comedy, and a lack of proper history education curriculum. Madeline is originally from New Jersey, but currently resides in Washington D.C. for university. In her free time, Madeline loves long-distance running, reading books about any and everything, improving on her cooking skills, and painting.


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