Former Intern


Intern, Global Biological Policy and Programs

Sabrina Chwalek serves as the intern for NTI’s Global Biological Policy and Programs Team (NTI | bio). In this role, she supports NTI | bio’s work to mitigate global catastrophic biological risks through conducting research and assisting with a broad portfolio of projects.

Sabrina is a senior at Brown University studying computer science with a focus on AI. She previously worked as a research assistant for the Horizon Institute for Public Service, where she helped map out the U.S. biosecurity policy landscape and co-organized a workshop aiming to help early and mid-career professionals transition into careers in biosecurity and pandemic preparedness. This past semester at Brown, Sabrina conducted an independent study on biosecurity with an emphasis on the governance of benchtop DNA synthesis. Before becoming interested in biosecurity, she helped get a non-profit off the ground focused on using large language models to better understand and align AI systems with human preferences. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys hiking, skiing, fostering kittens, and testing new vegan baking recipes.


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