Global Nuclear Policy Partners

Developing institutional capacity and analysis to shape nuclear dialogue and policy in key regions throughout the world


Important gaps exist in institutional capacity and addressing analytic challenges to make progress on global nuclear dialogue and policy.


Identify partners to help shape and promote dialogue and action on key policy priorities in their countries and regions.


Important analytic work and outreach by think tanks around the world helping raise awareness on nuclear dangers and providing substantive input to NTI and the regional leadership networks.

NTI works with partner organizations around the world to develop policies, leadership and the global capacity—human and institutional—to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons, prevent their spread and ultimately end them as a threat to the world.

These partner organizations focus on key security priorities in their countries and regions and provide important substantive input into NTI’s leadership networks by:

  • Engaging policy-makers, experts, and leaders on key regional nuclear priorities.
  • Raising public awareness about growing nuclear dangers.
  • Producing written products that focus on key nuclear issues and convening public and private meetings to discuss relevant issues and share ideas.
  • Capacity building in their countries and regions.

Our current partners are based in Europe and the Middle East.

Initiatives Pour Le Désarmaments Nucléaire (IDN)
IDN is a non-governmental organization based in Paris, working to bring together credible voices to add to the security debate in France, in particular on topical nuclear issues. Under this partnership, NTI will coordinate with IDN on shared priorities and analysis. IDN also has an active partnership with the European Leadership Network.

Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA)
LIIA is a think tank established in 1992 in Riga and charged with the task of providing Latvia’s decision-makers, experts, and the public with analysis, recommendations, and information about international developments, regional security issues, and foreign policy. Under this partnership, NTI has co-sponsored a series of seminars in Riga which bring together security experts and leaders from across Europe to discuss issues relating to strengthening Euro-Atlantic security.

Arab Institute of Security Studies (ACSIS)
ACSIS is a regional organization located in Amman, Jordan. Established in 1995, the Institute operates under Royal patronage with an international board and conducts work focused on security concerns in the Middle East, including the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Under this partnership, NTI supports the “Nuclear Forum” which publishes papers on a range of nuclear issues authored by academics, practitioners, and serving and former diplomats. ACSIS also convenes an annual conference attended by a number of experts and leaders from the region and beyond.

Past partnerships have included organizations based in Australia, China, India, Poland, Russia, and the United Kingdom.






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