Senior Director, Global Nuclear Policy Program

Global Nuclear Policy Program (GNPP)

Expertise Nuclear Weapons Policy, US-Russia

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Isabelle Williams joined NTI in 2007 and serves as senior adviser to the Global Nuclear Policy Program. As part of this work she helps coordinate the international strategy of the program, managing the work of NTI’s global partners who conduct various activities in their countries and regions to promote reducing reliance on nuclear weapons and reducing global nuclear risks. Her areas of focus also include NATO nuclear policy, UK nuclear policy, nuclear disarmament, and U.S.-Russia relations.

Williams came to NTI from the Partnership for Global Security, where she managed their next generation nonproliferation program and was previously a research associate at the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute where she focused on research relating to chemical weapons, biosecurity and bioterrorism preparedness and response. She also held successive positions at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. Williams holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree (Hons) in International Studies both from the University of Leeds, UK.


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Global Nuclear Policy Partners

Global Nuclear Policy Partners

Developing institutional capacity and analysis to shape nuclear dialogue and policy in key regions throughout the world


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