Global Incidents and Trafficking Database Interactive Maps

Since 2013, the CNS Global Incidents and Trafficking Database has tracked incidents worldwide involving nuclear or other radioactive material that has been lost, stolen, or is otherwise outside of regulatory control. Such incidents pose serious risks to public safety and security. One of the most effective ways to prevent nuclear and radiological terrorism is to prevent terrorists from accessing the necessary materials. Yet nearly half of the 683 incidents recorded between 2013 and 2016 involved materials that would be suitable for radiological terrorism. Explore the below interactive maps to see the global extent of the problem. To learn more, read the annual reports or download the database.

Explore the full database using the below map. Use the filters to sort data by country; type of incident; the intended application of the material; the IAEA Category (where Category 1 involves the most hazardous materials and 5 the least hazardous); whether or not the item was in transport when the incident occurred; and whether the radioactive material involved was nuclear or non-nuclear. 

March 31, 2017

Visually explore global incidents and trafficking.

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