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Implosion Device

Implosion Device

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Name: Fat Man Implosion-type bomb
Type: Implosion-type nuclear bomb
Length: 3.3m
Diameter: 1.5m
Weight: 4670kg
Yield: 21-23kt

[1] "Nuclear Weapon Design", Federation of American Scientists, 21 October 1998, https://fas.org.
[2] "Final Bomb Design", U.S. Department of Energy – Office of History and Heritage Resources, www.osti.gov.

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The 2023 NTI Nuclear Security Index


The 2023 NTI Nuclear Security Index

“The bottom line is that the countries and areas with the greatest responsibility for protecting the world from a catastrophic act of nuclear terrorism are derelict in their duty,” the 2023 NTI Index reports.


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