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A Roadmap for America’s Nuclear Policy and Posture

A Roadmap for America’s Nuclear Policy and Posture

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Bloomberg View published an op-ed by Ernest J. Moniz and Sam Nunn that calls on the United States and the other nuclear weapons states to take immediate action to reduce the risk of a nuclear accident, mistake or miscalculation.

In addition, the Nuclear Threat Initiative published six related policy papers that together provide an alternative vision and roadmap for America’s nuclear policy and posture and a template for Congress and the American people to evaluate the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). 

The op-ed and papers are published as an NTI Paper, available as a PDF

Moniz-Nunn Op-ed in Bloomberg View, February 1, 2018

“The world has crossed over to a new nuclear era, where a fateful error — rather than intentional aggression — is the most likely catalyst to nuclear catastrophe.

“American leaders have been warned more than once of incoming Russian missiles — in each case, it was a false alarm resulting from technical or human error. Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was mistakenly alerted to a possible U.S. missile strike after the launch of a Norwegian scientific rocket.

“After every incident, we deceive ourselves that we can solve the problem with better technology and training — or we reassure ourselves that the combination of diligence and good luck we experienced during the Cold War will continue. But do we really believe we can prevent a nuclear catastrophe indefinitely in a world with nine states with nuclear weapons and significant suspicion and hostility in many of their mutual relationships?”

Read the entire op-ed here.

NTI’s U.S. Nuclear Policy and Posture resources include: 

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The 2023 NTI Nuclear Security Index


The 2023 NTI Nuclear Security Index

“The bottom line is that the countries and areas with the greatest responsibility for protecting the world from a catastrophic act of nuclear terrorism are derelict in their duty,” the 2023 NTI Index reports.


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