Experts Launch Nuclear Ideas for President-elect Trump

NTI’s Steve Andreasen and Isabelle Williams join leading national security experts  in offering “Ten Big Nuclear Ideas for the Next President,” a major new report by the Ploughshares Fund. Other contributors include former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, General James Cartwright, USMC, Ret., Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Representative Adam Smith.

The report offers President-elect Trump and his team compelling new ideas to create a safer and more secure world. The chapter by Andreasen and Williams advocates bringing U.S. nuclear weapons home from Europe. The report was launched November 16th at an event in Washington, D.C. and a video stream is available on Facebook Live.

The event included speakers from the Obama Administration and Congress and a briefing by Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the nuclear weapons budget. Former Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher, an NTI board member; Dr. Kennette Benedict of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; Suzanne DiMaggio of the New America Foundation; and Ploughshares Fund board member Valerie Plame discussed nuclear policy in a panel discussion.

The report’s chapter titles and authors:

  1. Break with Cold War Thinking – Valerie Plame Wilson 
  2. Reduce the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal, with or without Russia – Gen. James Cartwright, USMC, Ret.
  3. Phase Out America’s ICBMs – Secretary of Defense William J. Perry
  4. Cancel the New Nuclear Cruise Missile – Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Adam Smith
  5. Add Democracy to Nuclear Policy – Kennette Benedict
  6. Bring Home U.S. Tactical Nuclear Weapons from Europe– Isabelle Williams and Steve Andreasen
  7. Pause European Missile Defense – Tytti Erästö
  8. Learn from Iran, Talk to North Korea – Suzanne DiMaggio
  9. Ban Production of Highly Enriched Uranium – Frank von Hippel
  10. Support Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons – Beatrice Fihn

November 16, 2016
Meaghan Webster
Meaghan Webster

Communications Manager

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