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The Republic of China (better known as Taiwan) is a significant flashpoint in East Asia. While Taiwan pursued—and abandoned—nuclear weapons programs in the past, its current relationship to nonproliferation regimes remains ambiguous, as most countries do not recognize its sovereignty.

Taiwan is included in NTI analysis due to its autonomous nuclear regulatory structure.

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Region   East Asia and the Pacific

3 Nuclear power reactors in operation

2014 Renewed agreement with US on peaceful nuclear energy cooperation

1,200-2,000 km Range of the Yun Feng supersonic cruise missile


  • Nuclear plants subject to IAEA inspections
  • Cannot independently join Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, but unilaterally adheres to its provisions
  • Signed an accord with China in 2011 on nuclear safety and emergency reporting


  • Denies past accusations of bioweapon development
  • Ratified the BWC in 1973 as the Republic of China; membership later transferred to People’s Republic of China
  • Cannot independently join BWC, but unilaterally adheres to its provisions


  • Has historically focused on developing antiship cruise missiles and short range ballistic missiles (SRBMs)
  • Yun Feng supersonic cruise missiles capable of striking mainland China in production
  • Purchased upgraded Patriot Missiles (PAC-3) from U.S., expected deployment in 2026



  • Cannot independently join the CWC regime, but unilaterally adheres to its provisions
  • Officials have denied ever developing offensive chemical weapons

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NTI Board members Mullen, Nunn, and Moniz on “What Xi Must Tell Putin Now”


NTI Board members Mullen, Nunn, and Moniz on “What Xi Must Tell Putin Now”

In a new Washington Post op-ed headlined “What Xi Must Tell Putin Now,” NTI Board members Mike Mullen, Sam Nunn, and Ernest J. Moniz call on China to wield its “unique position of influence” to encourage more “rational” decision-making by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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