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The Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO) is the MODAFL subsidiary responsible for managing Iran’s missile program, and is heavily involved in illicit procurement efforts. 1 For example, in February 2010 U.S. agents arrested a Taiwan passport holder in the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam on charges of illegally exporting commodities such as turbine engines, sealing compound, and hermetic connectors to Sanam Industrial Group for Iran’s missile program. 2

While the AIO has not been subject to UN sanctions, reportedly because Russia and China objected to its inclusion in UNSCR 1737 3, it is a target of U.S. sanctions under Executive Order 13382 4 and Executive Order 13949.5 Additionally, UNSCR 1737 froze the assets of AIO head Ahmad Vahid Dastjerdi and two other high-ranking AIO officials, and placed them under travel notification requirements. 6


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