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Institute of Atomic Energy (IAE)

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    Kurchatov, East Kazakhstan Oblast, former Semipalatinsk Test Site
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The Institute of Atomic Energy was established in 1992, in Kurchatov, Kazakhstan (near the Semipalatinsk Testing Site), and IAE was modeled after Russia’s Combined Expedition of Luch Scientific and Production. 1 IAE’s primary activity areas are developing nuclear energy, experimental research on nuclear power safety, experimental studies on structural materials for nuclear and thermonuclear engineering, collaborative work in decommissioning the BN-350 fast neutron reactor, participating in the Kazakhstan Material Thermonuclear Reactor Project, and participating in radioactive waste disposal. 2

M.K. Skakov is the Deputy Director General for Science of IAE. 3

The facility is composed of the Baykal-1 complex (IVG-1M and RA research reactors) and IGR complex (IGR research reactor). 4


Research reactor
Research reactor: Small fission reactors designed to produce neutrons for a variety of purposes, including scientific research, training, and medical isotope production. Unlike commercial power reactors, they are not designed to generate power.


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