NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index Launch

Press conference hosted by NTI and the Economist Intelligence Unit

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  • National Press Club, Washington, DC

At this press conference, NTI and the Economist Intelligence Unit launched the NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index, a first-of-its-kind, public baseline assessment of the status of nuclear materials security conditions in 176 countries.

The NTI Index was created to spark an international discussion about priorities required to strengthen security and, most important, to encourage governments to provide assurances and take actions to reduce risks. Learn more at www.ntiindex.org

The press conference included:


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Former Senator Sam Nunn, Co-Chairman, NTI


Dr.Page Stoutland, Vice President for Nuclear Materials Security, NTI


Deepti Choubey, Senior Director for Nuclear and Bio-security, NTI


Leo Abruzzese, Director of Global Forecasting, EIU


Question and Answer Session





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