Dr. Reshma Shetty on “Biosecurity by Design: Getting Ahead of Risk in the World of Designer Organisms”

  • Ted Turner Boardroom, NTI

As part of the new NTI Seminar series, Dr. Reshma Shetty, co-founder of the organism company Ginkgo Bioworks, discussed the promise of synthetic biology and innovative approaches to counter biological risks in the era of synthetic biology. Rapid advances in biotechnology hold the promise of a future that is resilient to disease, food insecurity, and environmental instability. At the same time, scientific advances are outpacing the ability of national governments to provide effective oversight – making innovative solutions essential for emerging biosecurity challenges.

Dr. Shetty was introduced by NTI CEO and Co-Chair Ernest J. Moniz and her presentation was followed by a Q&A session with the audience. Watch the videos below.







NTI Seminars are organized to generate new thinking and robust dialogue on challenging issues related to weapons of mass destruction and disruption. These events are public and on-the-record.

NTI CEO Ernest J. Moniz and Reshma Shetty at the NTI Seminar 




Dr. Reshma Shetty

Co-founder of the organism company Ginkgo Bioworks


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