Nuclear Narrative Research Briefing: Persuasive Stories, Persuadable Audiences

  • 4:00PM EDT
  • Virtual

How do we connect nuclear threats with what’s relevant in people’s daily lives? And who is persuadable?

The Nuclear Threat Initiative hosted a briefing to share research into these questions conducted by an interdisciplinary team who have examined similar questions on youth civic engagement, gender justice, and poverty.

The briefing was provided by the team that lead the research:

  • Gretchen Barton of Worthy Strategy Group
  • Kirk Cheyfitz of Political Narrative
  • Riki Conrey of Harmony Labs

The webinar begins with an introduction by NTI President Joan Rohlfing and ends with a Q&A moderated by NTI strategic communications consultant Ravi Garla.

Additional supporting materials are available here.


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