Browne: We Have an Obligation to Work for CTBT Ratification

In a keynote speech to the CTBT: Science and Technology Conference 2015, NTI Vice Chairman Des Browne hailed the scientists and technical experts behind the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty for their decades of work to successfully deliver a robust global verification system with more than 300 stations in 89 countries.

Browne said the system has far exceeded expectations and the next step, bringing the Treaty into force, is crucial to protect the important gains that have been made and the de facto moratorium on testing. He urged the scientists and experts to join with political leaders and governments in promoting the Treaty.

“I admire you for what you’ve accomplished and I implore you: Don’t lose heart, don’t relax, and don’t let the politicians and diplomats get away with letting the de facto moratorium stand,” Browne told the conference. “We all have an obligation to work for ratification – and entry into force. For the victims of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the legacy of 2,000 nuclear tests. For the safety and security of our individual countries. For the future of the planet.”

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