Delaying Decisions in Chicago

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On May 20th heads of state will gather in Chicago for the 2012 NATO Summit. They are expected to discuss the results of the Deterrence and Defense Posture Review (DDPR) ordered at NATO's 2010 Lisbon summit. The DDPR is meant to articulate how NATO can contribute to nuclear disarmament efforts while also providing sufficient military forces to uphold the alliance's mutual security guarantee in the eyes of both members and potential aggressors.

However, little progress is likely to be realized, with critical decisions on NATO's deterrence and defense posture expected to be delayed for at least an additional year or two. The authors note: "The DDPR must consider the reality of the U.S. conventional drawdown and alliance-wide fiscal restrictions if it is to provide feasible recommendations about the future of NATO's conventional and nuclear forces." 

Read the full issue brief by Miles Pomper, Nikolai Sokov and Meghan Warren of the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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