Des Browne Addresses Next Generation Middle East Leaders on Nonproliferation Challenges in the Region

NTI Vice Chairman Des Browne, appearing with members of The Middle East Next Generation of Arms Control Specialists network at a side event to the PrepCom in New York, addressed challenges to nonproliferation in the troubled region and called on Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom work together to fulfill the promise to set up a conference on a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East ahead of the 2015 Review Conference. Browne commended the network for their commitment to tackling one of the world’s “most vexing challenges” and for laying a solid foundation for new work in the region.

“My own work in this field would not have been possible without a steady optimism about the possibility for progress,” Browne said. “And the dedication of young people to this work gives me more optimism still.”

The event, “Change in Action: Overcoming Barriers to Non-Proliferation in the Middle East,” was sponsored by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

Read the speech.

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