EASI Releases Final Report and Recommendations

Today, 26 former generals, senior policymakers, and businesspeople from Russia, North America, and Europe warned that the security situation in the Euro-Atlantic region is sliding backward, and called for the creation of a new, more ambitious security dialogue in the region.  The report comes from the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative, a project of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which is co-chaired by NTI co-chairman Sam Nunn, former German deputy foreign minister and ambassador to the United States Wolfgang Ischinger and NTI board member and former Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov

Unveiling their findings, the members of EASI laid out a series of concrete steps in six areas to improve relations between Russia, Europe, and the United States, leading to the eventual creation of a genuine Euro-Atlantic Security Community:

  • Missile defense cooperation in Europe
  • Lengthened early warning and decisionmaking time in the military sphere
  • Resolution of protracted conflicts
  • Reconciliation of historical grievances between states
  • Stabilization of the European Union-Russian gas relationship
  • Collaboration in the Arctic

Learn more about EASI.

Read the press release.

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