NTI | bio Launches New Interactive on Biological Threat Preparedness

Are we ready to prevent a global biological catastrophe?
NTI | bio is asking U.S. and international decision makers this tough question
in a new interactive infographic that explores the vulnerabilities that exist
in any country, examines global risk factors, and highlights the potentially
staggering consequences of a biological event.

The data-driven interactive illustrates the devastating
impact of a deliberate biological event and shows that most countries are
unprepared to prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats – whether they
are naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental. 

“We launched this page to raise awareness of global
catastrophic biological risks among policymakers, practitioners, and the
public,” says Dr. Elizabeth Cameron, NTI Vice President for Global Biological
Policy and Programs. “Countries need to improve national preparedness and
biosecurity capability – especially systems to reduce the likelihood for
deliberate or accidental release of a biological agents. It is not a matter of
whether the next pandemic will occur, it is a matter of when. The time for
action is now.”

The full interactive can be found on

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