NTI: “Keeping Us Safer for a Decade”

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In an October 5 column, syndicated columnist Marty Schram wrote about NTI's 10th anniversary and its accomplishments:

"This week marks the celebration of a 10-year federal city phenomenon – the birth of an organization that is bipartisan, multinational and has the added virtue of being a Washington-based thing that actually works.

"It is the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a non-governmental organization whose ideas and money have been leading governments and nations in keeping us safer for the last decade.

"The NTI is one of those alphabet organizations you certainly care about, but may not know about. (Faithful readers here have a head start today, since I've long involved my journalism in the NTI's causes.) Founded by media entrepreneur Ted Turner and former Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Ga., NTI has worked privately to safeguard the world's weapons of mass destruction before they fall into the hands of terrorists."

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