NTI Vice President Laura Holgate Highlights Continued Radiological Security Efforts at the Global Partnership

NTI Vice President Laura S.H. Holgate highlighted NTI’s
efforts to sustain progress securing and eliminating radiological sources
during a Feb. 7 presentation to the working group meeting of the Global
Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons of Materials of Mass Destruction (Global
Partnership) in Paris, France. In her remarks
to the Global Partnership’s Nuclear and Radiological Security Working Group,
Holgate also emphasized the need for global cooperation on radiological
security. “As the threat of radiological terrorism persists, cooperative and
inclusive engagement must remain a high priority for governments, industry, and
civil society – from the boardroom to the blood bank” she said.

NTI’s efforts include a new radiological
resources collection
featured on NTI’s website and continued
engagement with regional partners on radiological security best practices, as
summarized the recent report, Sustainable
Security of Radioactive Sources in Central Asia

The Global Partnership is an initiative between 30
countries, the European Union, and international organizations that work
together to prevent the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and
nuclear weapons, and related materials. 

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