NTI’s Andrew Bieniawski Discusses the Dirty Bomb Threat with The Atlantic’s Steven Brill

Andrew Bieniawski

NTI’s Andrew Bieniawski, Vice President of Material Security and Minimization was interviewed by The Atlantic’s Steven Brill at an event in Washington, D.C. entitled, “Are We Any Safer?” which examined the strengths and remaining vulnerabilities of the U.S. security apparatus and ability to prevent the next terrorist attack—or recover from it. 

Bieniawski outlined the continuing threats posed by unsecured radiological material and the possibility of a dirty bomb detonation.

Bieniawski explained that radiological materials, often used peacefully for medical or commercial purposes, are located at thousands of sites in more than 100 countries, many of them poorly secured. He noted that these are vulnerable to theft by terrorist organizations seeking the materials for a dirty bomb, and he urged federal agencies to devote more resources to securing radiological materials and greater public awareness.

Watch a video of the event (Bieniawski’s segment is video 8/11 in the playlist), or learn more about how we can address the dirty bomb threat.

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