Nunn Calls for New Thinking for a New Era in Speech to INMM

In an address to the 55th annual meeting of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management (INMM), NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn highlighted the threat of nuclear terrorism and called for a global nuclear security system.

"The future of the nuclear enterprise requires that every link of the nuclear chain be secure," said Nunn. "The catastrophic use of atoms for terrorism will jeopardize the future of atoms for peace." He also shared four key principles that should underpin a global nuclear materials security system.

Nunn also underscored the importance of cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, despite tension over Ukraine, to prevent catastrophic terrorism and nuclear proliferation. "The tragic downing of the Malaysian plane in Ukraine last week makes the situation even more urgent. It also highlights how risks escalate when dangerous technologies like surface-to-air missiles fall into dangerous hands.  We are in a high-risk new era," warned Nunn.

Highlighting themes from his recent International New York Times op-ed, Nunn also explained how progress to open an International Atomic Energy Agency fuel bank could advance negotiations with Iran.

Praising the leadership of INMM, Nunn said, "Yes, governments do have the primary responsibility, but this organization plays a very big role…You have recognized that our new era requires new approaches."

Read the speech.

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