Nunn/Turner Announce Five New Members of NTI Board of Directors

Nunn/Turner Announce Five New Members of NTI Board of Directors;
International, Diverse Board Reflects Initiative’s Global Reach

Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Co-Chairmen Ted Turner and Sam Nunn today announced the addition of five new members to NTI’s Board of Directors. NTI’s Board guides the overall philosophy and direction of the organization and reflects the Initiative’s global reach and perspective.

“Since NTI was launched a year ago, we’ve been committed to having a truly international Board to guide our efforts,” said Mr. Turner. “Each of these distinguished individuals brings broad vision, great depth and unique expertise to our important mission.”

“NTI is a place of common ground where people with different backgrounds and perspectives from around the world come together to promote the critical goal of reducing the threats from weapons of mass destruction,” said Senator Nunn. “Our Board illustrates this approach.”

NTI’s newest Board members are:

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan: Prince Hassan has initiated, founded and is actively involved in a number of Jordanian and international institutes and committees. He co-chaired the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues and is currently chairman of the Arab Thought Forum, president of the Club of Rome, moderator of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, chairman of the Policy Advisory Commission for the World Intellectual Property Organization, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group.

Ambassador Vladimir Lukin of Russia: Ambassador Lukin serves as Deputy Chairman of the Russian Duma and is a member of the Yabloko faction. He served as Chairman of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs and is a former Ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Lukin is a long-time specialist in U.S.-Soviet/Russian strategic arms control issues and is a member of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, an independent association of national security experts.

Ambassador Hisashi Owada of Japan: Ambassador Owada is president of the Japan Institute of International Affairs, advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and senior advisor to the President of the World Bank. He most recently served as Japan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. One of his country’s most respected diplomats, he previously served as Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and in various foreign service posts. He is a professor of international law and organization at Waseda University.

Rt. Hon. Professor Shirley Williams of the United Kingdom: Baroness Williams is leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and is heavily involved in the current debate over how to reform the upper house. Earlier in her career, she was a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons and served as a Labour Cabinet Minister of Education and Science. From 1988-2000, she served as public service professor of elective politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Professor Fujia Yang of China: Dr. Yang is the Niels Bohr professor of physics at Fudan University and is academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. An internationally renowned nuclear physicist, he serves as vice chairman of the Chinese Association for Science & Technology and is the founder and former director of the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was recently named the sixth chancellor of the University of Nottingham.

Additional members of the NTI Board are:

  • Ted Turner and Sam Nunn, co-chairmen;
  • Charles B. Curtis, president and chief operating officer;
  • U.S. Senator Pete V. Domenici (R-New Mexico);
  • Susan Eisenhower, president of The Eisenhower Institute;
  • Ambassador Rolf Ekéus, former Swedish Ambassador to the United States and chairman of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute;
  • General Eugene E. Habiger, retired U.S. Air Force General and former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Strategic Command;
  • Dr. Andrei Kokoshin, Deputy of the Russian Duma, former Secretary of the Security Council and former Deputy Minister of Defense;
  • U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar;
  • Dr. Jessica Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;
  • Dr. William Perry, former U.S. Secretary of Defense and co-director of Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation;
  • Dr. Nafis Sadik, a national of Pakistan and past executive director of the United Nations Population Fund, with the rank of under secretary general;
  • Professor Amartya Sen, native of India, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics and master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge.

NTI, co-chaired by philanthropist Ted Turner and former Senator Sam Nunn, is a charitable organization working to reduce the risk of use and prevent the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. NTI seeks to contribute to policies and activities that:

  • Bring nuclear, biological and chemical weapons materials under secure control and reduce their quantities;
  • Restrict the spread of weapons know-how;
  • Reduce the risk of intentional or accidental use of weapons of mass destruction;
  • Develop better strategies and means to guard against the threat from biological weapons;
  • Bring about changes in nuclear forces to enhance safety, security and stability; and
  • Increase public awareness, encourage dialogue, catalyze action and promote new thinking about reducing the dangers from weapons of mass destruction on a global basis.

Mr. Turner and Senator Nunn founded NTI in January 2001. Additional information regarding NTI can be found on our website at


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