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Amid heightened tensions between the United
States and Russia, get re-acquainted with Russia’s nuclear
program, disarmament treaties, and recommendations for preventing nuclear
confrontation and building cooperation between Russia and the U.S.

See NTI’s latest analysis, op-eds and educational content on Russia below.


Pathways to Cooperation, a report by
NTI and the Moscow-based Center for Energy and Security Studies, offers a menu
of more than 50 cooperative projects that the U.S. and Russia can implement in
the nuclear sphere. 

In Rising Nuclear Dangers, NTI’s Robert
E. Berls, Jr. and Leon Ratz outline ways to avoid accidents and build
confidence between the West and Russia. 

Educational Content

Other Analysis

Russia and Nuclear Weapons – Sam Nunn Interview with Atlanta Public Radio

Op-ed: Browne,
Ischinger, Ivanov and Nunn on Ensuring Euro-Atlantic Security

One-Sided: The Many Benefits of the New START Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty

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Shirley Williams Honors British Deterrence Expert


Shirley Williams Honors British Deterrence Expert

NTI Board Member Shirley Williams honored former UK official and deterrence expert, Michael Quinlan in a lecture titled, "The Ultimate Weapon: Deterrent or Dinosaur?"

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