New NTI Tutorial Tackles the U.S. Nuclear Budget

The Nuclear
Threat Initiative (NTI), in partnership with the 
James Martin Center for
Nonproliferation Studies 
(CNS), today released a new U.S.
Nuclear Budget Tutorial
 that provides a comprehensive overview of the
programs and spending associated with the U.S. nuclear budget. The tutorial is
an essential go-to resource for students, professionals and members of the
media seeking to learn more about the U.S. nuclear weapons program. 

The tutorial uses
interactive images, infographics and maps to examine the U.S. nuclear triad and
programs on stockpile stewardship, nonproliferation, terrorism prevention, and
management of the legacy costs of nuclear weapons. The tutorial ends with a short
quiz for those who want to test their knowledge!

This nuclear
budget tutorial is part of a larger
tutorial series created by NTI
and CNS. This series includes tutorials on major nuclear, radiological, and
chemical threats and the international regimes that work to reduce these

 Upcoming tutorials will cover
biological threats and nuclear testing. 

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