The Return of Doomsday: Ernest Moniz and Sam Nunn in Foreign Affairs

NTI Board Co-Chair and CEO Ernest J. Moniz and NTI Board Co-Chair Sen. Sam Nunn have co-authored an article in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs (“The Return of Doomsday: The New Nuclear Arms Race – and How Washington and Moscow Can Stop It”) explaining why the risk of nuclear use has become disturbingly plausible—and proposing concrete steps to reduce the risk.

In the U.S.-Russia relationship, clashing national interests, insufficient dialogue, eroding arms control structures, advancing military technologies, and new threats from cyber-space have destabilized the old equilibrium, creating a state of strategic instability where an accident or mishap could trigger a catastrophic chain of events. As the article says, “All that is needed is a spark to light the tinder.”

The United States and NATO need to engage Russia with a clear-eyed understanding of our differences, focusing on reviving and reinventing strategic stability and preventing the use of nuclear weapons. A number of steps can be taken to reduce the risk of nuclear use, including:

  • Rebuilding a relationship between the Trump administration and Congress on Russia policy through a new bipartisan executive-legislative liaison group
  • Renewing strategic stability dialogue between Washington and Moscow that includes senior military and other officials
  • Restarting crisis management dialogue and extending the New START Treaty
  • Rethinking forward-deployed U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons
  • Restraining a new “INF” arms race in Europe
  • Reestablishing transparency and predictability in the
    areas of missile defense, prompt-strike systems, cyber and space.

Read the article at Join the conversation between Sam Nunn and Ernie Moniz on Thursday, September 12, 6:30 Eastern; livestream here.

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