Shayna Korol Joins NTI as New Biosecurity Policy Fellow

NTI welcomes Shayna Korol as the Biosecurity Policy Fellow sponsored by the Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellowship.

Korol began with NTI in mid-July and will spend six to 12 months supporting NTI’s work to reduce global catastrophic biological risks, with an initial focus on advancing NTI’s proposal to establish a new Joint Assessment Mechanism to improve UN capabilities to discern the source of high-consequence biological events of unknown origin.

“Shayna is a rising leader in our field with experience communicating complex concepts in a compelling and thought-provoking manner,” said NTI Vice President of Global Biological Policy and Programs Dr. Jaime Yassif. “We are excited by the energy and new ideas that Shayna brings as our inaugural Biosecurity Policy Fellow, and we look forward to working with her to reduce biological risks that imperil humanity.”

About Shayna Korol

Shayna Korol has experience in science and health-related communication and policy, most recently serving as a reporter, researcher and editor focusing on issues related to biotechnology at the University of Minnesota and rare and ultra-rare diseases at BioNews Services. During her time at Becker’s Healthcare, Korol authored feature articles and news briefs across three medical trade publications. Korol has significant personal interest in protecting the long-term potential of humanity by reducing risks of catastrophic biological events.

Korol graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brandeis University with a degree in health science, society, and policy.

The Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellowship supports the next generation of biosecurity leaders by facilitating placements at policy host organizations, where they are exposed to a broad range of perspectives and advance their strategic, critical, and creative thinking.

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