Statement from Ernest J. Moniz, CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, on the U.S. Decision to Violate the Iran Nuclear Deal

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“President Trump’s decision today to withdraw
from the Iranian nuclear deal is a major strategic mistake that not
only damages the United States’ ability to prevent Iran from acquiring the
material for a nuclear weapon, but also impairs our ability to
prevent the spread and use of nuclear weapons, to work with allies and partners
on issues of global concern and to protect our interests in the Middle East for
years, if not decades, to come. The Iran nuclear deal rolled back Iran’s
nuclear program and imposed uniquely stringent monitoring and verification
measures—the most important elements of which were permanent—to
prevent the country from ever developing a bomb. The United States is
now in violation of the terms of the deal without offering a credible

“The Iran deal is
and has always been about depriving Iran of the nuclear materials
highly enriched uranium and
needed to
make a weapon. As international inspectors, who have been on the
ground every day since the deal was concluded, have confirmed: the
Iran agreement has accomplished this. The fact that the advice of this
nation’s most important allies was ignored in this decision adds to the consequence
of the President’s decision. 

“Remaining in the agreement was very clearly in the U.S. national
interest. It’s hard to predict what will unfold from here, but the
President has driven a deep wedge between the United States and our allies in
Europe and has withdrawn from the process that would allow a comprehensive investigation
of the Iran archives recently revealed by Israel.”

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