Statement from Senator Sam Nunn on the Passing of Senator John McCain

“With the passing
of Senator John McCain, our nation lost a hero and the world lost a champion
for the dignity, freedom and rights of every person. 

John’s principled
drive to public service guided his life, first as a pilot in the Navy and then
as an elected leader. He served with courage, strength, intellect,
conviction, patriotism, and a deep understanding of the value of freedom. 

John and I served
together on the Armed Services Committee and in the Senate with a shared
commitment to strengthen our military and give careful oversight to its use and
determination to keep our nation safe.

John believed in
the Senate. In recent months, he urged his colleagues to restore the
Senate tradition of regular order, not only by using the Committee process for
oversight and advancing legislation but also by tempering passion with
civility, respect, and a willingness to compromise. This was a crucial
message that John McCain left for his beloved Senate and our country.

Colleen and I send
our deepest condolences to Cindy McCain and the entire McCain family. Our
nation shares in your loss and mourns with you.”

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