Strengthening Radiological Security in Central Asia

Andrew Bieniawski

NTI and the Moscow-based
Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS), in cooperation with the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Government of Kazakhstan, sponsored a radiological
security workshop in Astana, Kazakhstan on May 24-25th. The workshop reviewed
progress on strengthening the security around radiological sources in Central
Asia and explored opportunities to improve radiological security and prevent
the illicit trafficking of radioactive sources. The two-day event brought
together over 50 technical experts and officials from regional countries –
Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan – as well as the United
States, the Russian Federation and the IAEA.

“We commend
the Government of Kazakhstan for hosting this important regional meeting which
will strengthen nuclear and radiological security in this region,” said NTI
Co-Chairman and CEO Sam Nunn. “We are particularly pleased to join the Center
for Energy and Security Studies as partners in this effort, and we thank the
International Atomic Energy Agency for its support and cooperation.” 

Bieniawski, NTI’s Vice President for Material Security and Minimization,
emphasized the importance of engagement on radiological security among diverse
national and regional stakeholders.

Addressing the
security of radioactive sources in Central Asia is one of more than 50
recommendations made in a joint NTI and CENESS report on U.S. – Russian
cooperation in the nuclear sphere. The report,
to Cooperation
, was
published in February 2017 as the result of “Track II” dialogues between U.S.
and Russian experts sponsored by NTI and CENESS.

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about NTI’s work to address radiological threats


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