Study and Explore Top Secret Underground Bunkers in New CNS Article and Minecraft Game

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The U.S. and Russia maintain top-secret underground
bunkers designed to protect government leaders during a nuclear attack. Now you
can tour two of them.

To accompany a new article
by CNS expert Jeffrey Lewis, the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) has
modelled the U.S. Raven Rock Mountain Complex and Russia’s Kosvinsky Bunker in the
video game Minecraft, creating a virtual world for players to interact with and
explore.  In his article, Lewis evaluates
the enormous scale and cost to sustain these elaborate facilities, and he raises
important questions about each country’s attachment to nuclear deterrence. Lewis’
article also contains two 3D models of the facilities for readers to examine,
right on NTI’s website.

in exploring the facilities in Minecraft?
Here are some instructions
to get you started and you can take a sneak peek in this video trailer. 

Already a Minecraft gamer?
You can find our worlds at the following addresses:

  • Kosvinsky:
  • Raven Rock:

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