Visit Russia’s Nuclear Test Site in New Interactive Tour

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The United States and Russia each implemented unilateral
test moratoriums nearly three decades ago. But today, there are serious
questions about whether they might choose to resume nuclear testing. To better
understand the dangers of a return to nuclear testing, and opportunities for
transparency and confidence-building measures to prevent this, the James Martin
Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) has produced an interactive tour of
Russia’s Central Testing Ground at Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Arctic

The interactive
and accompanying article
by CNS’ Jeffrey Lewis offer an unparalleled look at historical and current
activities at Russia’s Central Testing Ground, with frequent reference to
similar activities at the U.S. Nevada National Security Site. Comparing the
U.S. and Russian test sites helps illustrate how both countries approached
nuclear testing during the Cold War, how they manage their stockpiles today in
an era without explosive testing, and the continuing importance of arms control
to prevent a return to the shared dangers of an arms race. 

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