YGLN’s Fifth Meeting Will Be Held in Helsinki in September 2016

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The fifth meeting of the Younger Generation Leadership Network (YGLN) on Euro-Atlantic Security will take place on September 4-7, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. The YGLN is a project aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding among emerging leaders from the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Europe in order to rebuild trust and offer fresh ideas on how to improve the Euro-Atlantic security environment. NTI launched the YGLN in 2014, in cooperation with partner organizations in the United States, Europe and Russia.

Each of the YGLN’s four working groups has developed a number of themes for discussion both within the respective working groups and at roundtable discussions with the participation of the entire network. These themes take into account international developments since the network’s last meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in March 2016, including the NATO Summit in Warsaw and the UK’s EU referendum, and take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by the meeting’s location and broader themes affecting the entire Euro-Atlantic area. 

Of particular interest to the network are the unique experiences of the Baltic region, specifically Finland’s distinctive relationship with Russia and evolving diplomatic alignment, and the legacy of the Helsinki Final Act. 

There is also interest within the network in the rise of populist-nativist political leanings across the Euro-Atlantic area and the impact this will have on international organizations and trade regimes. 

Finally, the YGLN will welcome the participation of several regional experts and practitioners to the Helsinki meeting, which will add an additional perspective to the roundtable discussions. 

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