Ways to Give

Your support will help NTI create systemic, lasting solutions to nuclear and biological threats. Whatever way you choose to give, you will have a profound impact on NTI’s global work to build a safer world.


To donate by check, please make the check payable to the “Nuclear Threat Initiative” and mail it to:

Nuclear Threat Initiative, Inc.
Mail Code: 6809
P.O. Box 7247
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0001

Credit Card

Credit card donations can be made using our secure online form.

Donor-Advised Fund

NTI welcomes gifts made through donor-advised funds (DAFs). To request a grant distribution from your DAF, please use NTI’s EIN number, which is #52-2289435. You can also designate NTI as a beneficiary of your donor-advised fund.

Please contact the Development team at [email protected] if you would like additional information on giving through a DAF or if you would like to make NTI a beneficiary of your DAF.

IRA Gifts

If you are 70½ or older, you can direct your IRA custodian to make a qualified charitable distribution directly to NTI.

A qualified charitable distribution is a distribution of funds from your IRA directly to a qualified charitable organization, such as NTI. Because the gift goes directly to charity, the dollar amount of the gift may be excluded from your taxable income up to a maximum of $100,000 annually, with some exceptions. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Please contact the Development team at [email protected] to learn more about planning and completing a qualified charitable distribution.

Monthly Gifts

Monthly donors are invaluable partners—allowing us to plan for the future and sustain our long-term mission to build a safer world. Monthly donations can be made via credit card through our online donation form.

By becoming a monthly donor, your ongoing gifts will support NTI’s work, and you will get:

  • Convenience: Your gift will appear each month on your credit card account statement.
  • Flexibility: If you want to increase, decrease or suspend your gift, email the Development team at [email protected].
  • Periodic NTI updates by email, so you know the impact of your donation.
  • The satisfaction that you are helping build a safer world every month.

Matching Gifts

Some employers offer to match donations from their employees to NTI, multiplying the impact of your gift. We can help with any paperwork or other requirements you may need to take advantage of your company’s program. Please contact your employer’s human resources office for more information about how to request a matching gift.

Planned Giving

Consider your legacy and give through your estate, including through various trusts, could help achieve your financial goals and benefit NTI in ways that may not be possible through lifetime gifts. Giving through these methods could generate tax deductions and should be discussed with your legal and financial advisors.

To start a conversation about making a planned gift, please contact the Development team at [email protected].


Stocks can be gifted to NTI via electronic transfer in which your broker transfers shares using NTI’s DTC number. You must contact your broker to initiate the transfer. Please consult your tax advisor for information on the tax implications of your gift.

If you would like to donate stocks, please contact the Development team at [email protected].

Tribute Gifts

Giving in honor of someone dear is a meaningful way to support NTI’s mission to build a safer world now and for future generations. The recipient of the tribute will receive a special letter, and we will send an acknowledgment to you as the donor. If the person you honor is no longer living, please let us know and we will honor them as you see fit, for example by writing to a surviving spouse.

Wire Transfer & ACH

Wire transfers or transactions via automated clearing house (ACH) are a secure and convenient way to support NTI—saving us credit card processing fees and administrative work so that more funds can directly support our nuclear and biological threat reduction mission.

If you would like to make a gift via wire transfer or ACH, please contact the Development team at [email protected].

Our Commitment to Our Donors

We will not sell, share, or trade our donors’ names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. Please find our complete privacy policy here.


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