Rachel Staley Grant

Director of Public Education

Rachel Staley Grant joined NTI in August 2016 and serves as the director of public education. Previously, Staley Grant managed programs and operations for the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) in London. She helped lead BASIC’s Next Generation project, which aimed to reframe the debate on nuclear weapons through innovative approaches and engagement with new sectors. Staley Grant is also a founding trustee of Future Foreign Policy, an international affairs think tank based in London that works to enhance and promote the voices of young people.

Staley Grant holds an MA in Non-Proliferation and International Security from King’s College London and a BA International Affairs and Anthropology from Northeastern University. She also earned a Graduate Diploma in Management through the University of London International Programmes in conjunction with the London School of Economics.


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Model UN

Education Network

To foster greater understanding of the complex issues around weapons of mass destruction and disruption, NTI has continuously invested in the development of educational content for professors and students. NTI also engages with university-level professors and students through in-person conferences and events, social media, and quarterly email updates.

International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification

A public-private partnership to build global capacity and increase understanding of future monitoring and verification challenges.