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Centre for Environment and Explosive Safety

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The Centre for Environment & Explosive Safety (CEES) was created in 1992 by merging the defense ministry’s Directorate of Explosives Safety and Fire Advisor’s Office. The CEES provides “integrated advice” to the Ministry of Defence on the “environment, explosives, and fire safety” in all matters relating to handling “explosives, ammunition, and other hazardous material.”

The CEES provides “guidance to all [defense ministry] establishments on manufacturing, handling, transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous material.” This laboratory approves and reviews “fire safety aspects of plans for siting and construction of new facilities and modifications/alterations to existing facilities.” In addition, it undertakes to enforce the compliance of “statutory rules, and safety standards” in all defense ministry entities. The CEES’s functions include:

Explosive Safety

  • Design of blast-resistant structures.
  • Development of guidelines to predict “non-propagation of explosions from one cluster of ammunition to adjacent clusters.”
  • Creation of “three-tier safety surveillance system for the enforcement of mandatory…safety requirements and regulations.”

Environmental Safety

  • Establishment of a well-equipped laboratory for “trace determination of environmental pollutants in water, soil, and air.”
  • Research and development in waste management to “minimize the release of hazardous pollutants from defense production units and Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) labs, into the environment.”

Strategic and Special Materials

  • Development of “strategic and special materials for defense applications.”

Risk Hazard Analysis

  • Application of “risk hazard analysis and pollutant dispersion modeling” to existing and planned facilities.

Fire Safety

  • Consultancy on “fire protection and prevention measures” in all defense ministry establishments.


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