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Imam Hussein University (IHU)

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The Imam Hussein University (IHU) is a public university in Tehran under the authority of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The IRGC runs the university like a military organization, and uses it as a training and recruiting ground. 1 Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, known as the father of Iran’s nuclear program and a leading advocate for the development of nuclear weapons in Iran, lectures weekly on physics at the university. 2 The exile group The National Council of Resistance of Iran claimed that the IHU is the main center for experiments on nuclear weapons technology and that 21 professors and researchers work on a secret weapons program. 3 The IHU also has an extensive nuclear physics department, demonstrating a suspicious connection between a military organization (the IRGC) and nuclear research. 4


Nuclear weapon
Nuclear weapon: A device that releases nuclear energy in an explosive manner as the result of nuclear chain reactions involving fission, or fission and fusion, of atomic nuclei. Such weapons are also sometimes referred to as atomic bombs (a fission-based weapon); or boosted fission weapons (a fission-based weapon deriving a slightly higher yield from a small fusion reaction); or hydrogen bombs/thermonuclear weapons (a weapon deriving a significant portion of its energy from fusion reactions).


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