Last Updated: March 1, 2003
Other Name: 125호 공장,The 125 Factory, Pyongyang 125 Factory, Pyongyang Pig Factory
Location: Northwestern part of Pyongyang. There are conflicting reports on the location of this facility. Some reports place the factory in Chung'i-dong (중이동), Yongsŏng-kuyŏk (용성구역), Pyongyang, and others place it in Hyŏngjesan-kuyŏk (형제산구역), Pyongyang. Yongsŏng-kuyŏk and Hyŏngjesan-kuyŏk are adjacent to each other, and Chung'i-dong is right next to Hyŏngjesan-kuyŏk, which could be the cause for confusion. The South Korean Ministry of Unification reports that the factory is in "Chunggye-dong" (중계동), Hyŏngjesan-kuyŏk, Pyongyang, but apparently there is no "Chunggye-dong" in Hyŏngjesan-kuyŏk. There is a "Ch'ŏnggye-dong," which is nearby, but in Yongsŏng-kuyŏk.
Subordinate To: Fourth Machine Industry Bureau (제4기계공업국), which is also known as the "Fourth General Bureau" (제4총국) or the "Missile Bureau" (미사일총국), Second Economic Committee (제2경제위원회), National Defense Commission (국방위원회)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Unknown

According to North Korean defector Ch'oe Ju Hwal, this factory produces missiles, is located in Hyŏngjesan-kuyŏk, Pyongyang, and is nicknamed the "Pyongyang Pig Factory." The press has reported that the No. 125 Factory produces Scud-B and Nodong ballistic missiles, and Silkworm surface-to-ship missiles. South Korean government sources say that visitors from Middle Eastern countries have been to this factory in connection with North Korean "Scud-B" (Hwasŏng-5) sales. [Note: Ch'oe admits in an interview that he has no direct knowledge of North Korean missile production or capabilities, and that others have provided him with missile-related information.]

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