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Last Updated: September 30, 2011
Other Name: 원자력연구소; Nuclear Research Institute; Atomic Energy Research Center
Location: Bungang-jigu (분강지구), Yongbyon-gun (영변군), Pyonganbuk-do (평안북도), North Korea
Subordinate To: General Department of Atomic Energy (원자력총국), Cabinet (내각); or the Korean Workers Party (조선노동당)
Size: 380 buildings including: Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Radiochemical Laboratory, and Isotope Processing Labs. Three branches: Pakchon(박천) in Pyonganbuk(평안북도), Wonsan(원산) in Kangwon-do(강원도), and Nanam-kuyok(나남구역) in Hamgyongbuk-do(함경북도) [1]
Facility Status: Operational

North Korea first established an Atomic Energy Research Institute (원자력연구소) under its Academy of Sciences in December 1952. [2] The institute was moved to the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center in the early 1964, and the institute currently has three branches. [3] The Pyongyang branch, established in 1987, is the Atomic Energy Research Institute. The Nanam-kuyok (나남구역) branch includes the Radioisotope Laboratory, built in 1980; and the Wonsan (원산) branch includes the Radiological Protection Institute.

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