Statement from Ernest J. Moniz and Joan Rohlfing on the Appointment of Beth Cameron to Serve in the Biden-Harris National Security Council

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“NTI’s Vice President for Global Biological Policy and Programs, Beth Cameron, PhD, has been asked to rebuild the National Security Council’s Office of Global Health Security and Biodefense, where she will serve as senior director and advance the Biden Administration’s agenda on global health security. We are very sorry to see Beth go, but we are proud that she has been asked to take on this critical role and know she will be a huge asset to the Biden-Harris Administration. The National Security Council is fortunate to have such a committed, experienced leader to help keep the nation safe and secure and stem the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Beth’s contribution to NTI has been significant, quickly building a program and team that has shown foresight and impact through projects like the Global Health Security Index and the Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative, through partnerships with respected institutions like the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum, and through advocacy that supports the spectrum of federal biosecurity programs. Her very strong and capable team will carry forward NTI’s vision and mission to reduce catastrophic biological risks.

“We wish Beth all the best in her new endeavor, and NTI looks forward to working with the new administration and Congress to improve biosecurity and response in the United States and around the world.”

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