Disrupting the Future in Santa Fe: Summit Brings Innovation to Nuclear Weapons Debate

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NTI joins partners
Creative Santa Fe, the NSquare
, and Pop Tech in Santa Fe, New Mexico this week for the
Santa Fe Nuclear Weapons Summit. This four-day summit was kicked off on Sunday,
Dec. 4h with a large public event at Santa Fe’s historic Lensic
Theater featuring NTI founding board member and former Secretary of Defense William
J. Perry and Command and Control author
Eric Schlosser.

More than 40 technology
and business innovators, nuclear experts, artists, filmmakers, and authors,
many whom are next-generation leaders in their fields, gathered for the summit to
engage with one another and learn about various aspects of the nuclear weapons

Summit events
included a deep dive into New Mexico’s cultural past and nuclear history, along
with interactive discussions led by NTI about present-day geopolitical and
security challenges around nuclear threats. The summit concludes on Dec.  7 at Santa Fe’s Violet Crown Theater with a
public presentation from the cohort about the future trajectory of these security
challenges and how solutions can be developed through continued leadership, engagement,
and innovation.

The summit is the inaugural
event of the
Disruptive Futures initiative established by
co-partner, Creative Santa Fe, and is aimed at
making Santa Fe a global destination for leaders to tackle some of the world’s
most challenging issues by leveraging the city’s key assets: art, culture,
science, technology, environment, and heritage.

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