MEDIA ADVISORY: New Iran Resources with Explainers, B-Roll, Breakout Analysis

As negotiators work toward a final agreement on Iran's nuclear program, members of the news media, policymakers and researchers who are closely following the talks can draw from a wide range of visual and analytic resources from the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS).

Broadcast journalists can get NEW high-quality, high resolution b-roll footage of Iran's key nuclear facilities and centrifuges, the sites and the machines at the center of the negotiations. The new footage of Iran's original and more advanced centrifuge models includes an option for green screens. The centrifuge b-roll, along with the new footage of Iran's Natanz, Fordow and Bushehr facilities can be customized and annotated. The footage is free to use with the following attribution: “Created by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies for the Nuclear Threat Initiative.”

A collection of 3D facility videos goes beyond the b-roll footage with background and additional details about the proliferation sensitivities of the Natanz and Fordow facilities, the Arak heavy water reactor, the Bushehr nuclear power plant and the Imam Khomeini Space Center. Annotated 3D models of Iran's centrifuges demystify how the machines work.

How long would it take for Iran to enrich enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear weapon? Foreign Policy columnist and CNS expert Jeffrey Lewis analyzes potential "breakout" scenarios using an animated GIF to show limits to Iran's nuclear program with and without a comprehensive nuclear deal.

What questions should we ask to assess a final deal? NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn lays out a series of questions to evaluate a possible deal in a statement following the release of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Framework on April 2, 2015.

For those looking for a history of Iran's program, an up-to-date Iran country profile provides an in-depth look at Iran's nuclear program, including a comprehensive chronology of the program's milestones. The profile includes an Iranian facilities map, showing where Iran's most sensitive nuclear, missile and other facilities are located.

Resources on the nuclear fuel cycle include NTI's Nuclear Materials Explainer, which gives a step-by-step look at the nuclear fuel cycle, and "A New Approach to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle," a report from NTI and CSIS that lays out a strategy to prevent "future Irans."

To speak to an expert or for more information about NTI's resources, contact Carmen MacDougall at [email protected].


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The Latest Resources on North Korea from NTI and CNS


The Latest Resources on North Korea from NTI and CNS

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