Missteps by US and Russia Have Led to New Cold War, Says William J. Perry

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Over the last decade, the United States and Russia have
inexplicably begun a new Cold War, warned Dr. William J. Perry, former
Secretary of Defense and a founding board member of NTI, during a lecture at
the Foreign Policy Association on November 3rd. The event was held in
honor of Dr. David Hamburg, NTI Advisor and Distinguished Fellow, and former
President of the Carnegie Corporation.

In his remarks, Perry acknowledged the progress that has
been made to reduce nuclear dangers since the Cold War, noting the work of Hamburg
to help secure nuclear material after the breakup of the Soviet Union. However,
he warned that dangers between the two countries have since risen. “The
hostility in [the US-Russia] relationship today was stimulated partly by
actions of the United States and NATO, but it was also stimulated by aggressive
actions and statements made by Putin,” Perry said.

To learn about options for reducing nuclear dangers between
the United States and Russia, read NTI’s report, Pathways
to Cooperation

to learn more about Dr. Perry’s lecture, and watch a video of the
event below.

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