NTI Experts Present on Verification, Radiological and Nuclear Security at Institute of Nuclear Material Management Annual Meeting

from the Nuclear Threat Initiative will make presentations at the 58th
annual Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) meeting on topics
including radiological security, U.S.-Russia cooperation, and nuclear
disarmament verification. The INMM meeting, held in Indian Wells, CA, from July
16-20, provides a forum for international specialists to exchange the
latest technical information related to nuclear materials management, including
safeguards and security. NTI experts submitted the following papers to the

the State of Radiological Source Security in Russia 

Paper Authors: Alex
Bednarek and Ioanna Iliopulos
Presentation by Alex Bednarek (Monday, July 17, 3:40 pm, Session –
Nuclear Security and Physical Protection: System
Effectiveness and Policy Issue)

Under the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification 

Paper Authors: Martin
Rioux-Lefebvre, Andrew Bieniawski and Andrew Newman
Presentation by Martin Rioux-Lefebvre (
July 18, 10:40 am, Session –Nonproliferation and Arms Control: Arms Control
Verification Concepts)

Pathways to Cooperation: A Menu of Potential U.S.-Russian
Cooperative Projects in the Nuclear Sphere

Presentation by
Leon Ratz (Tuesday, July 18, 3:40
pm, Session – Nonproliferation and Arms Control: U.S.-Russia Cooperation)

Study: An Analysis of Several National Approaches to Alternative Technologies
for Radioactive Sources

Paper Authors: Andrew Bieniawski, Ioanna Iliopulos and Michelle Nalabandian
Presentation by
Michelle Nalabandian (Wednesday,
July 19, 2:20 pm,
Session –
Nonproliferation and Arms Control: Innovative Ideas in Nonproliferation)

Read more about the INMM Annual
here, and follow along on
Twitter with the hashtag #INMM2017.

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