New: 3D Models of Nuclear Facilities in China and North Korea

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The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), through the generous support of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), has launched a new year-long project to create a video library of strategic nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile-related facilities around the globe. These 20 videos, to be released over the next year, will feature original, professionally produced and meticulously researched 3D models of selected nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile facilities profiled on the NTI website. The videos provide a visual context for understanding both current and historical events of nonproliferation interest, from rocket tests to plutonium production. 
The first series of models presented in this new online video library spotlight East Asia, with four videos profiling North Korea’s nuclear and rocket launch facilities, and one video touring China’s Xichang Space Launch Center: 
North Korea: 
In the coming months, NTI and CNS will release 15 additional videos of nuclear and missile facilities based in China, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, and Syria
CNS regional and technical experts produce these videos by conducting open-source analysis of current and historical satellite imagery, ground imagery, videos, and first-hand accounts of the sites. The models are created using Trimble SketchUp and geo-located using Google Earth. 
HD-quality video is available to the media on request.
Media inquiries should be directed to: 
NTI: Cathy Gwin gwin at 202.454.7706
CNS: Jason Warburg jwarburg at 831.647.3516
CNS: Eva Gudbergsdottir evag at 831.647.6606

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