New Analysis Illustrates Radiological Risks of Cesium-137 Blood Irradiators

A new analysis
by James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) experts Ferenc
Dalnoki-Veress and Miles Pomper examines the use of blood irradiators
containing the radioactive isotope cesium-137. This life-saving medical
equipment is used to prevent complications before transfusions by irradiating blood.
Unfortunately, the radioactive material used in these blood irradiators,
cesium-137, can be stolen by terrorists and used to build radioactive “dirty
bombs.” Cesium-137 also can cause harm if misused or misplaced by accident. Dalnoki-Veress
and Pomper use an interactive story map with their new article to illustrate
several global incidents involving various forms of cesium-137. The interactive
also shows steps countries are taking to replace cesium-137 blood irradiators
with safe and effective alternative technology.  View the article
and story map here


Did you know that
reducing radiological risks, like the one posed by cesium-137 blood
irradiators, is one of NTI’s core priorities? Read more about our work on this issue

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