New Article Analyzes Potential Consequences of WMD-related “Fake News”

A new article
with interactive graphics from Center for Nonproliferation Studies Research
Associate Sam Meyer published on NTI’s website analyzes several cases of WMD-related
disinformation or “fake news” and outlines the potentially serious
policy-related repercussions. One of the most notable incidents, detailed in the
article, involved a news outlet reporting that the U.S. had moved its tactical
nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania in August in 2016. The story went global
after being printed in several news outlets and shared on social media. The
dangers of falsified news or misinformation being spread in the digital age
goes beyond “fooling” the public; as described in several case studies in this
piece, top decision makers could be influenced by the information and could make
decisions or public remarks (including Tweets) on very serious WMD-related
issues based on incorrect information.

Click here
to read the full article and view the interactive graphics. 

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