NTI Expert Participates in IPNDV Side Event at the 2018 NPT PrepCom

On April 27, NTI Senior Director Andrew Newman participated in a
panel event about the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) at the 2018 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
Preparatory Committee Meeting (PrepCom) in Geneva. 

This panel event, organized the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Sweden and the United States Department of State in partnership with NTI, was an important
opportunity to highlight and inform the greater nonproliferation community of
IPNDV’s Phase I outputs
which included more than 35 publications on it’s new websiteand Phase II plans.  The IPNDV is an
ongoing initiative including more than 25 countries with and without nuclear
weapons who are working together to address the challenges related to nuclear
disarmament verification.
The event brought together a cross sectoral group interested in
understanding potential solutions to the challenges of future nuclear
disarmament verification.

Newman was joined on the panel by representatives of the Partnership’s
secretariat and co-chairs, including: Anita Friedt, U.S. Principal Deputy
Assistant Secretary for Arms Control, Verification and Compliance; Dr. David
Chambers, Senior Principal Research Analyst, FCO, United Kingdom (Co-Chair
Group 4
); and Dr. Jens Wirstam, Deputy Research Director, Swedish
Defense Research Agency (Co-Chair of 
Group 6

Presentations and remarks from the event can be found on the IPNDV website

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